You can't serve God & money; you can serve God with money.

- Selwyn Hughes, English pastor and author

Apostolic Financial Advisors, LLC Services Overview


Apostolic Financial Advisors, LLC is a faith based, fee only, registered investment advisor that offers asset management and comprehensive financial planning services to Catholic individuals and Catholic institutions. Services are tailored to the specific needs of each client, and all services will be different. The advisor utilizes a “values based” approach to investing. Portfolios can be constructed to satisfy various morally responsible and/or socially responsible criteria.

In partnership with an estate attorney, Apostolic Financial Advisors, LLC offers estate planning and stewardship advice to Catholic individuals. The advisor works closely with the development offices of various Catholic Institutions in order to bring potential donors and recipient institutions together.

USCCB Investment Guidelines


Apostolic Financial Advisors, LLC will make every attempt to follow socially responsible investment guidelines of the USCCB, as set forth in their statement, Principles for USCCB Investments, on November 12, 2003.  The USCCB investment policies cover the following areas: protecting human life; promoting human dignity; reducing arms production; pursuing economic justice; protecting the environment, and encouraging corporate responsibility.

The complete statement can be accessed by clicking on the link below…

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